Fork Chapel Church Has Changed Our Web Address

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Due to fundamental differences between the Fork Chapel congregation and the United Methodist Church’s governance, it was suggested that, along with a number of other local churches, we seek to disaffiliate our church from the United Methodist Church organization.

In order to oficially determine the future direction of Fork Chapel; a special meeting of all church members was called on June 29, 2023 to vote on disaffiliation of Fork Chapel from the United Methodist Church. The UMC District Superintendent for our district was in attendance to conduct the meeting and take the vote. The result was 100% in favor of disaffiliation. This resulted in a disaffiliation request being sent to North Georgia United Methodist Conference for approval.

A special meeting of the North Georgia United Methodist Conference to consider disaffiliation requests from several churches was conviened on Saturday November 18, 2023. Fork Chapel’s request was approved by a vote of 80%.

The process to separate began shortly after final approval. Now the former Fork Chapel United Methodist church is named the Fork Chapel Methodist Church. The church’s former URL (web address) of (this URL) has been changed to (new url). Please visit us at our new web home.

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